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Bounce Case the perfect transportation case solution for KLEISS & CO

Kleiss & co was founded in 1967 in Schiedam and has almost 50 years of experience in producing and engineering tools and materials for the construction of pipelines and maintenance. They approached us to explore the possibilities to update their transportation cases. They were looking for a more efficient and cost-effective solution, which would be lighter in weight so that it could be easier to transport.

De Uitdaging

Kleiss & Co BV is a manufacturer of equipment and materials for the construction and maintenance of pipelines and pipeline-related substrates. The parts are used all over the globe, however, manufactured in Zwijndrecht they are transported everywhere. They were looking for a strong shock resistance case that was cost-effective and lightweight.

De Oplossing

The transportation cases of the equipment and materials needed an update. Bounce Case has the expertise and the products to facilitate in this matter. The Bounce Case designed for Kleiss & co has wheels, is lightweight, and is made out of enormous shock absorption materials.

Het Resultaat

The parts are now shipped all around the world. The handling is more convenient due to the weight reduction and wheels. The biggest advantage is less product damages.

Lange koffer met wieltjes voor makkelijk transport

Our teams travel with their equipment all over the world. The handling is more convenient and our parts arrive in tact.

Kleiss & Co

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